Animal prostheses using 3D printing
 Animal prostheses using 3D printing

Animal prostheses using 3D printing

The 3D printing is not only changing the lives of people, also is changing the lives of animals. Today we come to talk to you about a project with which we have been collaborating that seeks to create prostheses to help animals  and that can   be able to walk, run, jump or live as is possible. A project called  Proto Cross Corp

A duck receives a prosthesis printed in 3D

The first volunteer to manufacture a 3D prosthesis for Proto Cross Corp, is Morty, a lame duck rescued in the summer of 2017

Printed animal prosthesis in 3D
Morty testing the fit of his new leg

The design of the prosthesis has been made by dividing it into two pieces. On the one hand, a sock that adapts to the leg of morty and makes the prosthesis comfortable . To design it, the paw of morty was scanned in 3D and the generated model was used as a starting point for the design.

The other part of the prosthesis is the leg itself. It has been designed to emulate the original leg and make the movement as natural as possible.

Artificial paw printed in 3D
Paw for Morty printed in 3D

To print the two parts of the prostheses,  eFil and  eFil-HT were used .

The filament eFil has been used for the sock, its flexibility makes it adapt perfectly to the leg of Morty and is not annoying.

For the leg eFil-HT has been used . The choice of this filament is due to its high resistance to guarantee the durability of the prosthesis .

Fabrication of prosthesis using 3D printing
Final prosthesis assembled

Greetings and see you printing

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