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esFil PLA MAX Black

Price €11.92
€11.92 tax incl.
Filamento PLA Black 1.75mm 1Kg fabricado en España a partir de PLA especialmente formulado para su uso en impresora 3D.  Ver...

reFil PLA 850 Black

Price €11.92
€11.92 tax incl.
Black recycled PLA filament 1.75mm 1Kg manufactured in Spain from recycled PLA INGEO 3D850. Specifically developed for use as 3D printer filament.
9 reviews

reFil PETG MAX Black

Price €15.25
€15.25 tax incl.
PETG filament made from recycled materials. Our recycling process guarantees the same quality as the rest of our filaments. 3D print more sustainably.
4 reviews

Recycled filament for 3D printer

reFil is our range of recycled filament for 3D printers. It is manufactured from the remains of our productions, printed parts and other sources of recycled materials that we have at our disposal. Our recycling process guarantees that the filament resulting from recycling has the same properties as the original material. Print more sustainably using 100% recycled materials.

Recycled pla filament

Our recycled pla filament is made from leftover plaingeo 3D850. The resulting material behaves and prints just like any of our new spools.

Recycled pet filament

Our recycled pet filament is made from remnants of esFil PETG MAX. The resulting material behaves and prints just like any of our new spools.

How to recycle pla filament?

The process of recycling filament spools is simple. First, the parts and filaments valid for recycling are selected. Not all plastic is suitable for recycling. It is necessary that the plastic has not been burned or degraded, otherwise the recycled filament obtained will be of low quality. The plastic is then shredded to a small, homogeneous size. Once it is in this form, it can be reprocessed as if it were virgin material.

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