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reFil PLA 850 Black

Price €11.92
€11.92 tax incl.
Black recycled PLA filament 1.75mm 1Kg manufactured in Spain from recycled PLA INGEO 3D850. Specifically developed for use as 3D printer filament.
9 reviews

5 PLA sample pack 1.75mm

Price €10.95
€10.95 tax incl.
Do you want to try the esFil PLA 850? Enjoy with this pack of 5 samples of 100 g of random colors
2 reviews

esFil PLA 850 White

Price €18.90
€18.90 tax incl.
esFil PLA 850 belongs to the esFil family of 3DFils in which the essential filaments for 3D printing are grouped. The filament esFil PLA...
13 reviews

esFil PLA 850 Black

Price €18.90
€18.90 tax incl.
esFil PLA 850 belongs to the esFil family of 3DFils in which the essential filaments for 3D printing are grouped. The filament esFil PLA...
17 reviews

esFil PLA 850 Natural

Price €18.90
€18.90 tax incl.
esFil PLA 850 belongs to the esFil family of 3DFils in which the essential filaments for 3D printing are grouped. The filament esFil PLA...
4 reviews

PLA 1.75mm filament

pla filament for 3D printer

3DFils PLA 1.75 mm filament is manufactured in Spain from PLA INGEO 850. PLA 850 has caused a real revolution in the world of 3D printing as it combines the ease of printing traditional PLA with some of the ABS properties. PLA filament is the star among 3D printing filaments. For us, the best PLA filament can only be manufactured from NatureWorks INGEO PLA 3D850.

Ecological 3D filament

PLA (polylactic acid) is an ecological 3D filament since it is not derived from petroleum but from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane. This starch can be obtained from different crops such as corn or beets.

PLA Filament vs ABS Filament

PLA filament spools have the following advantages over ABS:

  • It is ecological, it does not come from petroleum.
  • Does not emit odors when 3D printing.
  • Easier to 3D print, no warping.
  • Perfect adhesion to the 3D printer.

In addition, the PLA 850 that we use in 3DFils has technical characteristics superior to generic PLA and more similar to those of ABS. Pla 850 has a higher tensile strength than traditional PLA, as it prevents its deformation in tall and thin prints with little stability. Another aspect to note is that although conventional PLA has good tensile strength, it is weak against impacts. PLA 850 solves this problem and responds much better to shocks.

Mechanical properties of PLA filament

Your pieces printed with pla 850 filament will have the following mechanical properties:

PLA filament properties
PropertyConditionsTest methodTypical values
PLA density ASM D792 1.24g/cc
PLA Fluency 210ºC 2.16 Kg ASM D1238 7-9 g/10 min
PLA melt temperature ASM D3418 165 - 180 ºC
PLA glass transition temperature ASM D3418 55 - 60 ºC
PLA tensile strength ASM D638 7440 psi
PLA tensile elongation ASM D638 3.31%
IZOD impact of the PLA ASM D256 118 J/m
PLA Tensile Strength ASM D638 7290 psi
PLA tensile modulus ASM D638 335790 psi

PLA filament made in Spain

Our PLA filament for 3D printers is manufactured in Spain in compliance with all current regulations and the strictest quality controls. Find out more about our manufacturing process by visiting this link.

Best PLA filament value for money

3DFils offers you the best PLA filament value for money. Our PLA filament is priced at €16.94 VAT included. Our philosophy is to offer the best cheap pla 1.75 1kg filament that meets the most demanding users.

PLA filament color range

At 3DFils we have a color range of more than 25 different colors including silk effect, marble, wood, glitter and many more. You can preview them all on this same page. The outlet coils come from the color changes in lto production, but they do not guarantee an exact change between two shades.

Frequently Asked Questions about PLA 850

What is PLA Ingeo?

It is the composition of PLA 850, better known as PLA INGEO 3D850, whose crystallization process gives it a minimum deformation below 110º.

How is PLA Ingeo manufactured?

It is produced by polymerization of lactic acid from the fermentation of sugars derived from plants. Therefore, PLA Ingeo is an environmentally friendly option as it is biodegradable.

Why use PLA Ingeo instead of traditional PLA?

Because it has greater resistance, greater fluidity and better withstands high temperatures.

How to crystallize PLA INGEO 850 and do post processing?

Did you know that we can subject PLA 850 to a crystallization process? To do this, we must put the pieces in a conventional oven at a temperature of 120º Celsius for a period of approximately 20 minutes.

What is the temperature resistance of PLA INGEO 850?

Its crystallization process that gives it a minimum deformation below 110º.

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