8 Tips to use 3DSMOOTH

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8 Tips to use 3DSMOOTH

8 Tips to use 3DSMOOTH

3D SMOOTH gives your pieces a spectacular finish hiding the layers with a shiny finish. If you want to become a master of post processing for 3D printing stay with us and discover these 8 tricks with which you will improve your use of 3DSMOOTH .

8.-Eliminates superficial defects

3D SMOOTH respects all the details of your piece. This has a good side, the incredible end result , and a bad one, any defect that your piece has will continue to be seen. That is why before applying 3D SMOOTH you have to make sure to eliminate all the remains left by the printer: extra material, support pieces, scars ...

Acetone bath abs
This is what happens when you do not eliminate the defects

7.-Clean the piece well

It is recommended that before using 3D SMOOTH you make sure that the piece is completely clean. We recommend you to clean the piece with alcohol that, in addition to cleaning it, will avoid the formation of bubbles in the areas where you apply more product.

eFil flexible filament for 3D printing

6.-Hold the piece well

To fasten the piece to the surface where you are going to work with 3DSMOOTH it is recommended to use double-sided tape at the base of the piece. With this you will achieve that the piece remains fixed and it is easier for you to work. If you do not hold the piece well and you fall while you are working, the final result may worsen when you pick it up with your fingers or by contact with any surface while the resin is not dry.

You can also choose to keep the piece hanging while you work. In this way, you will avoid excess resin accumulating in the base of the piece.

As a surface to work on we recommend  aluminum foil .

5.-Do not lose detail

When you work with pieces with very small details and want to use finer layers of 3DSMOOTH you can dilute the mixture in a little acetone. 

4.-Be patient

Do not try to cover the entire piece in one pass. You will get a much better result if you apply many thin layers than a single fat layer. Control is the key to a good result.

xtc3d epoxy
Do not apply the product in one pass

3.-Protect the piece and let 3D SMOOTH act

Once the product is applied, you must protect the piece while it is acting . If you cover the piece you will avoid that any particle suspended in the air sticks to the piece and spoils it. 

2.-Accelerate the process with heat

If you are very impatient and can not wait for the resin to dry, you can accelerate this process by applying heat . The recommended method is the use of hot air at 60ºC. You can apply it with a hot air gun for example.

xtc3d tips
Apply heat to accelerate the process

Be careful if you do it on PLA, since 60ºC is just the temperature at which the pla begins to lose its consistency. Always apply the hot air at a distance, apply it from close up and melt your piece.

1.-If you are going to paint, you must sand

When you have finished, if you still want to go a step further you can paint your piece. Before this process, although it is not mandatory, it is recommended that you lightly sand the piece.

improve finish 3d printing

To paint 3D SMOOTH you can use acrylic paint, spray ...

Greetings and see you printing

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