The Shore hardness scale

The shore hardness scale classifies materials according to their resistance to being penetrated by means of a test included, for example, in the ASTM D 2240 standard. This test serves to have a common reference point when it comes to understanding the hardness of a material.

Depending on the test carried out, there are different Shore scales. These are:

  • Shore 00: It is the scale that is used to measure gels mainly. It is a scale for very soft materials. In FDM 3D printing it is not yet possible to print with any material that has such a low hardness.

  • Shore A: It is the scale used to measure from the softest materials to the very inflexible. Semi-rigid materials can still be measured by the highest values ​​on this scale.

  • Shore D: It is the scale used to measure semi-rigid and rigid materials.

These scales are not absolute and may overlap each other. For example, Shore 95A hardness is very similar to Shore 45D. The relationship is not direct so it is possible that depending on the source you consult you will find that the conversions between scales are not the same.

Translated to the world of 3D printing, it is a value that allows us to know the flexibility that the final piece will have. It is possible that with so many hardness values ​​it is difficult to choose the flexible filament that best suits your application.

At 3Dfils we want to offer you the exact hardness that fits your needs, which is why we have developed a wide variety of hardnesses to choose from. In order for you to acquire the most suitable material for you, we have prepared this interactive table with which you can explore the different hardnesses available.

Extra SoftSoftMediumMedium HardHardExtra Hard
Shore A65A This hardness is used in applications as templates. 85A This is the hardness found in most o-rings. 90A This is the hardness of a shoe sole.
Shore D 60D This is the hardness of a hard scooter wheel.

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