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Introducing eFil-HT

Posted 23 Apr 2018 |
Today we present a new eFil-HT filament, a semirigid 3D printing filament that stands out with great performance of resistance to abrasion, chemicals and impact....
This month we had a contest to see what were the best impressions with the flexible filament eFil of 3Dfils.Then we leave you with the best participations and as not with the winner:...
One of the most popular and most printed models, without taking the throne from the well-known benchy, is the baby groot model. A great model that is perfect with filaments that imitate wood. This model was controversial a while ago due to a disney claim that forced the platform to withdraw the model. At that time it had more than 750,000 downloads.Seeing the large number of models for downloads that exist using trademark licenses today in th ...

How much cost 3Dprinting?

Posted 14 Mar 2018 |
That 3d printing has revolutionized manufacturing methods is a reality. The cheapening of production costs due to this technology is enormous, especially when compared with others such as injection. But do we really know what it costs to print a 3D file ?In this blog post we will review the main costs associated with 3D printing. ...
With the flood of orders we have had from our promo eFil 250gr for € 10 shipping included we thought that you may have run out of ideas to print, so we are going to leave you with 5 great models so you can try the filament. ...
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