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Just like when we print on paper we need a file that contains the information of the text to be printed, when we do it with our 3D printer we need a file that contains the three-dimensional information that will be reproduced.This is where the STL files come in . These files contain information about a three-dimensional object. Unlike other 3D files , this format only contains information about the geometry of the surfaces of the object, leav ...
The PLA filament is the most consumed material for 3D printing . This should not be surprising since the PLA is one of the easiest filaments to work with a 3D printer.In the catalog of 3Dfils could not miss a material so used so that from today you can buy PLA in our online store. The filament PLA of 3Dfils is manufactured with PLA of high quality and following the rigorous process of quality control that we use for all our filaments.It i ...

3DPrinting history

Posted 03 May 2018 |
All users of 3D printing are amazed at the possibilities offered by the use of additive manufacturing technology in the fields in which we work. Thanks to the use of 3D printers we can manufacture things that were previously impossible, reduce costs, reduce design times and make repairs at a low cost.For this reason, from 3Dfils, it seems very important to know the origins of this technology and the advances that have been taking place in ord ...
Sometimes the simplest repairs can become a real headache if we do not find the right parts. Today's case is one of these. ...

Direct Extrusion vs Bowden

Posted 25 Apr 2018 |
Una de las partes más fundamentales de cualquier impresora 3D fdm es el extrusor, el mecanismo encargado de empujar el filamento hasta el hot-end para ser fundido.Existen dos sistemas principales de extrusión, el directo y el bowden.Hoy en el blog vamos a desgranar ambos sistemas de extrusión y ver las ventajas e inconvenientes de ambos sistemas. ...
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