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As you will all know in 3D printing, objects are built layer by layer. This implies that each layer supports the next layer. This next layer may not coincide exactly with the previous one, which means that part of the layer remains in the air, that is to say without being supported on the previous layer.There is a point where this is not possible since the upper layers do not have enough support in the lower layers. This happens when we excee ...
When we are used to design for other manufacturing technologies it is very likely that we do not take into account certain aspects of the design that can make our 3D printed parts improve their finish and functionality.That's why in this blog article we're going to collect 6 design tricks that will help you get the most out of your 3D printer. ...
The PLA filament is the most consumed material for 3D printing . This should not be surprising since the PLA is one of the easiest filaments to work with a 3D printer.In the catalog of 3Dfils could not miss a material so used so that from today you can buy PLA in our online store. The filament PLA of 3Dfils is manufactured with PLA of high quality and following the rigorous process of quality control that we use for all our filaments.It i ...

Direct Extrusion vs Bowden

Posted 25 Apr 2018 |
Una de las partes más fundamentales de cualquier impresora 3D fdm es el extrusor, el mecanismo encargado de empujar el filamento hasta el hot-end para ser fundido.Existen dos sistemas principales de extrusión, el directo y el bowden.Hoy en el blog vamos a desgranar ambos sistemas de extrusión y ver las ventajas e inconvenientes de ambos sistemas. ...

How much cost 3Dprinting?

Posted 14 Mar 2018 |
That 3d printing has revolutionized manufacturing methods is a reality. The cheapening of production costs due to this technology is enormous, especially when compared with others such as injection. But do we really know what it costs to print a 3D file ?In this blog post we will review the main costs associated with 3D printing. ...
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