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As we discussed in a previous blog post, STLs are the main files used in 3D printing . But, does our printer understand these files? The answer is no. The control systems used by our printers need specific movement instructions for motors and other elements. This is where the GCode language comes into play . ...

3D printing tolerances

Posted 19 Dec 2018 |
3D printing is not a perfect process. As in any other manufacturing system, there are differences between what we design and the physical object we manufacture. These small differences between the computer and the real world are called tolerances.Obtaining a tolerance 0 in the physical world is impossible, that is why there are certain tolerance values ​​that are acceptable and do not affect the functioning of the designed piece. Knowing the ...
If something stands out 3D printing is to be able to reduce costs and manufacturing times compared to traditional processes. Still, there are times that we do not take advantage of all the possibilities that this technology offers us, making the costs exceed those initially expected.That is why we have compiled a series of tips that will help you optimize the costs of 3D printing....

8 Tips to use 3DSMOOTH

Posted 04 Oct 2018 |
3D SMOOTH gives your pieces a spectacular finish hiding the layers with a shiny finish. If you want to become a master of post processing for 3D printing stay with us and discover these 8 tricks with which you will improve your use of 3DSMOOTH ....

3D Scanner beginners guide

Posted 22 Aug 2018 |
When it comes to printing in 3D it is very likely that we design our own 3D models or download them from the network. But what if we want to print an exact copy of an object from the real world? This is where the 3D scanner comes into play ....
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