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La impresión 3D no solo esta cambiando la vida de la gente, también esta cambiando la vida de los animales. Hoy venimos a hablaros de un proyecto con el que hemos estado colaborando que busca crear prótesis para ayudar a animales y que puedan poder volver a andar, correr, saltar o vivir como debidamente es posible. Un proyecto llamado Photo Cross Corp...
As you will all know in 3D printing, objects are built layer by layer. This implies that each layer supports the next layer. This next layer may not coincide exactly with the previous one, which means that part of the layer remains in the air, that is to say without being supported on the previous layer.There is a point where this is not possible since the upper layers do not have enough support in the lower layers. This happens when we excee ...
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