10 Models to print with eFil and eFil+

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10 Models to print with eFil and eFil+

10 Models to print with eFil and eFil+

Now that the heat tightens, what is most appealing is going to the beach and what better way to enjoy the summer season hand in hand with 3D printing . That's why today in the 3Dfils blog we leave you with 10 amazing models that you can print this holiday.


10.- Frisbee flexible

There's nothing more fun than playing frisbee on the beach with friends. With this flexible frisbee model you will have a great time. Ideal for printing with eFil .

Freesbe flexible with eFil


9.- Ice cube maker to make spherical

What you most want with this heat is to enjoy a cool drink . You can use this bucket to make some amazing spherical ice or if you dare to design your own to create ice with the shape you want. Better if you do it with eFil +  since its great flexibility will allow you to remove them easily once they are ready.

cubitera eFil +


8.- Bracelets

nothing better to brag about 3d printer than to create your own accessories. The network is full of designs to make our own personalized wristbands . Here we leave you with two. You can exchange several colors of eFil  and eFil +  to get a better result.

EFil bracelet

model1  model2

7.- Rubber duck

If you do not want to swim alone this summer, print this great rubber duck to swim with you

duck rubber eFil


6.-Custom caps

Protect yourself from the sun and wear an impeccable style with these personalized caps.

adornment caps eFil


5.- Sandals

Go down to the beach with your own sandals made by 3D printing , adjust the model to your size and start to show off this summer.

flip flops eFil

model1  model 2

4.-Buoyancy bucket for GoPro

Get some amazing aquatic planes with this bucket of flotation for your action camera.

bucket buildable eFil


3.- Mold for shot glasses

Be the king of the party with this mold to make shot glasses of ice. As with the ice bucket, this model will work much better with  eFil +

Mold ice glasses eFil +


2.-Bag to go down to the beach

Keep all your things on the beach with this great and colorful bag

eFil bag


1.- Bikini

What better way to go to fashion this summer than to print your own bikini. This model is very comfortable and colorful. Perfect to use  eFil

bikini eFil



Greetings and see you printing

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