abFil the new line of antibacterial filaments from 3DFILS
abFil the new line of antibacterial filaments from 3DFILS

abFil the new line of antibacterial filaments from 3DFILS

During the first months of the 2020 pandemic, various initiatives related to 3D printing emerged to try to help slow the spread of the virus. We at 3DFILS got in touch with various organizations with which we regularly collaborate to find the best way to help. This is how we gave birth to our new line of abFil filaments .

abFil (antibacterial filament) is our new line of antibacterial filaments for 3D printing certified to ISO 22196. Our goal with these new products is to give 3D printing users the possibility of making reusable objects that can be used safely in a health or risk environment. Next, we are going to tell you all about them.


The technology behind abFil


The antibacterial protection of abFil is due to the fact that it is additivated with silver ions . Silver is an excellent antiseptic since its ions can cross bacterial membranes and cause bacterial cell distortion, loss of viability and inhibition of the replication process.

How abFil works


 The main advantages of using silver as an antibacterial agent are its efficacy against a broad spectrum of bacterial agents, its long-lasting effect, its excellent skin compatibility and its pro-healing effect, as well as the prevention of odors.


Proven efficacy

We know the importance of offering the guarantee of antibacterial protection so that the filaments can be used safely in risky environments and offering maximum protection. That is why we subjected the filaments of the abFil range to antibacterial controls in an independent laboratory , obtaining a result of more than 99% of bacterial elimination according to the ISO 22196 method .

These certificates are available to any client who requests them.


Available Materials


Within the abFil line we have included both the PLA Ingeo 3D850 and our TPU 90A . Both materials are available in white and in a 750g format for PLA and 500g for TPU.

abFil PLA 850abFil TPU 90A

Usage examples


abFi l has already been used in two different projects for the manufacture of EPIS using 3D printing .

One of them has been the manufacture of protective glasses by the PCUMH. More information.

Glasses with antibacterial protection thanks to the use of abFil PLA 850


Another is a project to manufacture 3D printed face masks using flexible abFil TPU 90A material. This project has been awarded by the Generalitat Valencia in the framework of aid for innovative projects to stop Covid. More information

Manufacture of mask using 3D printing and abFil TPU 90A


Frequent questions


  •          Is abFil toxic?

o   In no way, abFil is based on silver ion technology that is totally safe and harmless to humans.

  •          Can abFil be sterilized?

o   Yes, abFil can be sterilized using methods such as ozone, the application of UV, the use of bleach ... We do not recommend using an autoclave to sterilize a part made using abFil as this could be destructive.

  •          Can abFil be used to manufacture medical equipment?

o   This is one of the ideas why we created abFil. Even so, it must be taken into account that each field of application may be subject to specific regulations that must be complied with.

  •          Is there a difference when working with abFil?

o   No, abFil filaments behave just like their respective base materials would.

  •          Are there quantity discounts or discounts for solidarity actions?

o   Yes, from the first moment we have offered abFil with special conditions as long as it was to be used for solidarity purposes by a registered body. If you are a company, we also offer quantity discounts, ask us.

 If you are interested in acquiring abFil you can do it through the following link:  Here

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