Introducing 3DSMOOTH 3Dprinting finishing resin

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Introducing 3DSMOOTH 3Dprinting finishing resin

Introducing 3DSMOOTH 3Dprinting finishing resin

The 3D printing is a antastic technology .Making objects has been so easy and accessible to everyone. If a snag we can put 3D printers is the final finish of the object, full of lines left by the manufacturing process itself. That is why today we present 3D SMOOTH a finishing product for your pieces that gives them a great finish and an extra layer of protection.

What is 3D SMOOTH?

3D SMOOTH  is a resin for 3D printed parts that improves its surface finish, protects them and prepares them for painting. It consists of two liquids that are mixed and applied on the printed piece.

3D SMOOTH  is designed to obtain a uniform finish without leaving marks on the piece. The working time is 30 minutes and it takes about 5 hours to heal. Its 1: 1 mixing ratio  (mass)  makes it easy to work with.

Once the product is applied, the piece can be sanded and painted. Two layers of 3D SMOOTH are recommended   to obtain an optimum finish. It is also  designed so that   it will not leave strokes or brushstrokes.

Smooth 3D acetone printing parts

3D SMOOTH is very economical with only 30 grams you can cover more than 300 cm².

With  3D SMOOTH  your pieces will obtain:

  • A better surface finish making the printing layers disappear
  • Protection against bumps and scratches
  • Protection against UV rays

3D SMOOTH  is compatible with all materials for 3D printing. In addition its light flexibility will allow your pieces to bend without suffering any damage, maintaining a great resistance and hardness.

How does 3D SMOOTH work?

3D SMOOTH penetrates and fills the gaps between layers of printing and makes them disappear. Using it is very simple. 

To start using it you must mix the two components. Thanks to its 1: 1 mixing ratio it is very easy to calculate the exact amount of each component. To measure you can use a scale (mass ratio 1: 1) or the measuring cup (ratio in volume)

Once mixed, stir it for 1 minute to ensure that the mixture is homogeneous. Use the wooden stick. Now you have 30 minutes to apply the product to your piece. Use the foam brush included in the pack to apply a layer on the object. Make sure you cover it completely.

Once the resin is applied, the piece will be ready in 5 hours. Remember to always work with gloves and read both the technical sheet and the safety sheet.

What does a 3D SMOOTH pack contain?

We have prepared 3D SMOOTH so you can start using it as soon as you receive it. That is why we include the following items in the pack:

XTC-3D Epoxy Coating for 3D printing

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