10 models that will challege your 3D printing ¿Can you print them?

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10 models that will challege your 3D printing ¿Can you print them?

10 models that will challege your 3D printing ¿Can you print them?

The other day opened a debate in the official Telegram group of 3Dfils about which models were the most difficult to print and get a perfect finish.

By the way, we have an official Telegram group where you will find other passionate about 3D printing , you can ask questions to the community and get a more direct contact with us, we leave the  link here.

Returning to the topic that concerns us, we wanted to compile 10 models that seem very complicated to print. Can you with them?

We go with the compilation .

10.- Voronoi"Broken Benchy"

models for 3d printing

The Benchy is perhaps one of the most printed models in the world, normally used as a quality test for our 3D printers this model gives a twist to the original model considerably increasing its difficulty. As its creator says a real torture.

See model

9.-3D printer test pieces

calibrate 3d printer

If before we spoke of the benchy as the test piece par excellence, we want to make a point to talk about the 3D calibration models , which tend to be quite challenging for the most part. Many models would fit in this category, but we leave you with this one that we use in 3DFils

See model

8.-The challenge of the tree

free stl for printing

This model that we bring you next is part of a challenge that was made in the Maker faire 2012 to see who could print it with higher quality without using support. Do you dare to try it?

See model

7.-Reims Cathedral

free 3d models

We love this model. Its difficulty does not reside so much in its forms, that also, if not in the large size and the amount of detail it has.

See model

6.-A-form RNA Helix Stand

Molecular 3D models

This model is a real representation of an RNA helix involved in many processes at the molecular level that occur in our body. It is a model that requires a large amount of support, so getting a perfect finish is very complicated.

See model

The 3 following positions are going to occupy multicolored models, very complicated to print with good quality due to the multiple changes of material and its small details. Is your printer ready?

5.-Multicolored traffic cones

Multicolor models 3d printing

This collection of 3D models seems like a great way to start testing your multiple extrusion system . Also the different effects of the cones are very nice.

See models

4.-20-sided die

multimaterial 3d printing

The small numbers on this die will give you more of a headache if you do not have your 3D printer well calibrated

See model

3.-Tigger of 4 colors

3d models for printing

We could say that this model is the final exam of multiple extrusion. 4 different colors , very small details .. It is a model that once printed you drop a lagrimilla of emotion

See model

2.- Impossible geometric figures

3d print

We enter the last two models with a collection of geometric figures that are a real madness. Can you imagine combining them with a double extruder?

See model


3d modelsThis model speaks for itself. The structure is so thin and needs so much support that if we can get it out of the printer it is very likely that it will be damaged in the cleaning tasks. We have not seen anyone who has managed to get it out without using soluble support . Will you be the first?

See model

And that's all for today. Have you managed to print any of these models? Tell us how it was in the comments section. If you think you know someone who can print them without problem, share this article on your social networks. 

Greetings and see you printing

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