Repairing machinery with eFil-HT

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Repairing machinery with eFil-HT

Repairing machinery with eFil-HT

Sometimes the simplest repairs can become a real headache if we do not find the right parts. Today's case is one of these.

When one of our users broke the belt of his electric sander he thought that he would only have to request a new belt and change it. But it could not be like that since it was an old sander, already discontinued and could not find spare parts for it. Thankfully, I had knowledge of  CAD design , a  3D printer  and a   suitable filament for the task, our  flexible eFil filament  .

Functional belts using eFil

In other circumstances he would have had to get rid of the machine and acquire a  new model . This is one of the examples that demonstrates the  practicality  of  3D printing  even at the most amateur levels.

The sander  has been working  with the same belt for months now, because  eFil  has a  high resistance to abrasion  , which makes it perfect for this type of application. Being a filament that is worth as much for  aesthetic purposes  as for  practical purposes.

We see ourselves printing.

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eFil flexible filament for 3D printing


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