Introducing eFil-HT

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Introducing eFil-HT

Introducing eFil-HT

Today we present a new eFil-HT filament, a semirigid 3D printing filament that stands out with great performance of resistance to abrasion, chemicals and impact.

What is eFil-HT?

eFil-HT is the new filament of the eFil family and comes to complete the range formed by eFil and eFil +.

The acronyms HT come from high Toughness that is the property of the materials to absorb an impact without getting to break. 

In addition, eFil-HT has excellent properties of resistance to chemical attack, supporting most solvents and acids.

On the other hand, it is also very resistant to abrasion, this property being much higher than that found in other 3D printing materials such as PLA or Nylon.

eFil-HT is compatible with the rest of the eFil range so you can combine them in one print to get pieces with unique functionalities.

Impact resistance eFil-HT

EFil-HT properties

The main properties of eFil-HT are summarized in the following table:

PropertyValue UnityTest
Density1.21g/cm3ASTM D 792
Hardness60Shore DASTM D 2240
Tensile strength44MPaASTM D 412
Tear resistance175N/mmASTM D 624
Abrasion resistance55mm3ISO 4649

Tensile strength


Given its characteristics, we recommend eFil-HT for the following applications:

  • Protective elements
  • RC chassis
  • Mechanical systems
  • Carcasses
  • Mechanical systems
  • Orthopedics

It is a material that can fit into many more industrial applications.

Printing parameters

Printing temperature230ºC-240ºC
Print speed20mm/s-100mm/s
Retraction speed25mm/s-40mm/s
Hot bedOff-50ºC
Accession Lacquer

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eFil flexible filament for 3D printing


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