6 Models to print with 250g of eFil flexible filament

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6 Models to print with 250g of eFil flexible filament

6 Models to print with 250g of eFil flexible filament

With the flood of orders we have had from our promo eFil 250gr for € 10 shipping included  we thought that you may have run out of ideas to print, so we are going to leave you with 5 great models so you can try the filament.


6.- Flexible portfolio

Keep your money safe and go to the latest with this portfolio printed in 3D

Freesbe flexible with eFil


5.- Belt with 3D printing

We do not go out of fashion to recommend you this flexible belt model.

cubitera eFil +


eFil flexible filament for 3D printing

4.- Anti stress ball

3D prints can be very long, so relax with this anti stress ball printed in 3D with flexible filament.

EFil bracelet

model 1 

3.- Kit to build insects

It may sound weird, but this kit is the pump. Print all the parts in 3D and combine them to obtain unique models.duck rubber eFil


2.-Flip Flops Shoes

A model to print your own shoes in 3D very easy, you do not even need supports.

adornment caps eFil


1.- Crystalline climbing tree

And we finish the list with this fun frog model, perfect for printing in various colors.

flip flops eFil

model 1

Greetings and see you printing!

eFil flexible filament for 3D printing


    • Avatar
      Jan 4, 2019  /  02:26  /  Reply
      Juan Cattaneo

      Hola, necesito saber que tipo de impresora necesito para hacer una pelota antistress y q tipo de filamentos necesitaria. Gracias.

      • Avatar
        Jan 17, 2019  /  12:26  /  Reply

        Una impresora cuyo extrusor sea compatible con los filamentos flexibles. Estos son los extrusores con guiado de filamento y control de tracción. En cuanto al filamento, puede sutilizar eFil.

    • Avatar
      Jul 7, 2020  /  13:39  /  Reply

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